Eastern District – (NY-West, PA, Garret MD)


The Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod-Eastern District is one of the four original districts of the LCMS.

  • 135 Congregations located in New York, Pennsylvania and the panhandle of Maryland (see map);
  • 43 elementary and preschools;
  • 33,000 communicant members;
  • 113 active pastors; over 200 educators (teachers, principals, Director of Christian Education, Deaconesses, Directors of Christian Outreach, Directors of Family Life Ministry); 52 retired pastors and hundreds of lay people who lead and teach in our congregations;
  • Four Regions (Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and Rochester) represented by four Vice Presidents;
  • Sixteen Circuits cared for by Sixteen Circuit Counselors;
  • Regional Mission Initiatives located in Buffalo, Rochester, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia;

District Profile:

  • Congregations: 135
  • Preschools: 30
  • Elementary Schools: 11
  • Communicant Members: 33,000
  • Baptized Members: 50,907

2015 Eastern District Convention

Convention Resources, Nominations, Resolutions, and Reports

Eastern District, LCMS

5111 Main Street

Williamsville, New York, 14221

Phone: 716.634.5111

Fax: 716.634.5452

Website: http://lcmsed.org/